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Cloud based web application.

Cloud applications lets you share data and collaborate across organizations, departments and individuals that ease out interaction between customers, employees and vendors through the internet to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Moreover the cloud applications are hosted together with its data that can be accessed on demand from anywhere on the web via desktop web browsers, mobile phone, even tablet PCs. This is why more and more businesses are moving towards the web-as-an-application-platform to gain a competitive advantage over traditional legacy systems.

Our innovative and efficient team of application developers is proficient in providing effective cloud solutions across business of various domains and industries by eliminating the complex elements of developing cloud solutions that can run from a simple web browser or mobile device, empowering the business with improved scalability, flexibility & reliability.

Digital Fusion can help you develop, maintain and extend web applications on Open-source PHP, MySQL. This helps in considerable reduction in cost for setting up of the basic environment in LAMP.


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