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Our work process is broken up in the following process.

Digital Fusion offers professional web design/web development /Application services. We want you to have a firm understanding of the requirement to process a “big picture” for the creation your website or developing your application.

With this process in place we are able to deliver your custom website on time and within budget.

Phase I - Initial Meeting (over the table or through skype)
The goal of this initial meeting is to discuss the scope and expectations of the custom website or web application project. At this stage we identify the objectives of your business or organization, and then review the products, services, information or resources you have to offer.

We will also evaluate the need for your own domain name and your web site hosting options. Based on this we will provide you with a scope document that summarizes the objectives of your web site or web application and outlines the content, navigational structure project flow along with DFD.

Phase II - Design Prototyping
Based on the scope document, we can proceed to the actual design and construction of your web site. We can use content and graphic material you provide to us or we can create graphics and a logo for you. Our design team will present at least 2 different concept looks for comment/suggestions/changes. These will be DRAFT visual representations (mockups) or interactive representations (prototypes) of the site intended to show colors, graphics and navigation. From these choices the client will make their final choice of how the website will appear in its final form.

This is a critical part of the process due to the fact that everything from this point forward will be done with this final website design in mind. We will repeat this process (design iteration) until the design and usability goals are met.

Phase III - Final Design Prototyping
Once a website template has been chosen, a working version of it will be created in HTML for another review. At this point you can review your web site and request any changes you would like us to make in terms of content or graphics.

We now begin to build the complete website. A DRAFT copy will again be placed on the testing server so that the client has continued access as to the progress of the website design and development. Major changes in website design and development functionality at this point are subject to additional charges.

Phase IV - Making it Final!

Once final approval from the client is received via email, the initial version of the website or web application will be moved to your URL. We will thoroughly test it in order to validate all hyperlinks and e-mail addresses, to make sure that all forms, buttons, Java scripts, etc. work properly, and to test browser compatibility, screen width, and colors.

Phase V - Maintenance

One key to having a successful website design or web application development is to keep it updated with new and relevant content. We offer different maintenance options as per your requirements and will work with you to determine which best fits your situation.

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